Communication policy

The COMET Group informs its shareholders, the media, financial analysts and other stakeholders with the greatest possible transparency and based on the principle of equal treatment. The Group publishes annual reports and half-year reports that are prepared in compliance with Swiss stock corporation law and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). As well, information is provided to additional audience segments via the following events:

  • To shareholders: in connection with the Shareholder Meeting
  • To media representatives and financial analysts: through press conferences
  • To institutional investors: through road shows and an annual investor day

Announcements about events that fall under the ad-hoc disclosure requirements of the SIX Swiss Exchange are published immediately.

Key dates

These are the dates of the most important publications and events:

End of fiscal year December 31, 2015
Annual results press conference March 17, 2016
Publication of annual report March 17, 2016
Annual Shareholder Meeting April 21, 2016
End of first half of fiscal year June 30, 2016
Publication of half-year report August 18, 2016

Publication media

COMET Holding AG keeps its investors informed of its business performance through semiannual media releases. The hardcopy annual report is sent to shareholders on request after they receive the notice of the Annual Shareholder Meeting.

For disclosure announcements for stock exchange purposes, COMET Holding AG uses the electronic publication platform operated by the SIX Swiss Exchange.

The COMET Group website at offers a wealth of information, including details of the Group's business activities and access to the annual report, media releases, presentations for press conferences, and the Bylaws of COMET Holding AG. As well, anyone may register on the website to automatically receive all press releases in electronic form.


Markus Portmann
Chief Financial Officer
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3175 Flamatt, Switzerland
T + 41 31 744 99 58
F + 41 31 744 90 90

Ines Najorka
Vice President of Corporate Communications
Herrengasse 10
3175 Flamatt, Switzerland
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F + 41 31 744 90 90