A step closer to nature with ebeam

Thanks to ebeam from COMET, the décor papers we process into furniture surfaces are almost indistinguishable from real wood veneer. - Roland Heeger, Chief Technology Officer, Schattdecor AG

The advantages of the innovative, blue ebeam technology are as clear as they are convincing: “Lower energy consumption and CO2 emissions, combined with greater efficiency – when a technology is not only environmentally sustainable but makes good economic sense, that's a strong argument,” declares Charles Flükiger, President of ebeam Technologies at the COMET Group. What is more, the technology can be integrated in a wide range of different production processes – such as for the sterilization of beverage packaging, the inactivation of dehydrated foods, or improving the properties of food packaging films and foils. “The possibilities are almost endless. We are now making further exciting applications reality”, Charles Flükiger goes on to say. An especially promising area is the enhancement of materials, such as in surface finishing: “The new technology enables us to enhance chemical-physical properties and thus come closer to the look and feel of veneer. On pieces of furniture, the printed and lacquered surfaces are now barely distinguishable from real wood,” comments Roland Heeger, Chief Technology Officer at Schattdecor AG. With the two-step ebeam lacquer curing process, furniture surfaces receive their authentic look based on printed décor paper. To strengthen its competency in this and other new areas of application, such as the treatment of pressure-sensitive adhesives, COMET last year acquired the Davenport, Iowabased PCT Engineered Systems. As a result of the acquisition, the Group now supplies not only ebeam lamps for existing production lines but offers complete new systems – and has the right blue solution for every customer requirement.

Authentic and functional

Décor paper lacquered using ebeam technology.

Rising demand

> 300 mln

In 2015 Schattdecor finished more than 300 million square meters of décor paper with lacquered surfaces – a trend that is growing.