Growth areas for each segment

With new applications for its existing technologies, the COMET Group wants to generate further strong growth in the coming years.


Plasma Control Technologies

Apple Watches, Fitbit wristbands, parking sensors – mobile connectivity between devices has become a fixture of everyday life, and the trend will only keep growing. The Internet of Things is on everyone's lips. The demand for progressively smaller storage media with higher and higher capacity, and ever faster processes for storage fabrication, is greater than ever. For the COMET Group this trend is an attractive opportunity to apply its efficient, reliable RF technology and continue its strong growth.



X-Ray systems

With the rise of 3D printing in manufacturing, parts and components are becoming more complex. Checking details precisely and rapidly and measuring designs accurately demands new methods. YXLON has recognized this need. In 2015 the segment forged an alliance with Hexagon, a strong partner, to jointly offer promising metrology solutions in the future.



Industrial X-Ray Modules

The steadily growing need for security is increasing the demand for ever more capable x-ray sources. Here the COMET Group continues to see compelling growth potential: In 2015, the IXM segment already made significant inroads in the Chinese market with new applications for its metalceramic modules. The segment plans to expand this technological and business development in the years ahead.



Ebeam Technologies

Sterilization of packaging is only one of many uses for ebeam. The range of possible applications for this environmentally friendly, resource-saving technology is much more extensive. An especially promising area is the enhancement of surfaces: ebeamlends itself to creating tactile textures and visible gloss differentials for surfaces that appear natural – advantages which German company Schattdecor is already exploiting.