Metrology: X-Ray Systems enters new dimensions

The combination of YXLON CT and Hexagon measurement software cuts measurement times for turbine blades in half – and thus doubles throughput.

Industrial production parts – such as for airplanes and cars – are becoming more and more complex as a result of internal features and organic shapes. This makes them considerably more difficult to inspect and measure. “New production methods like 3D printing permit very intricate internal structures that cannot be measured at all by conventional methods without destroying the inspection piece,” explains Jonathan O'Hare, Global Program Manager for CT Systems at Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence. In other words, metrology today is reaching its limits as new manufacturing methods and materials are adopted. What can be done? ”The answer lies in industrial computed tomography (CT), as already used in non-destructive testing,” says Thomas Wenzel, Technology Expert for CT at the COMET Group. “X-rays enable you to see inside production parts without having to take them apart.” Based on the x-ray data, a computer generates a threedimensional image of the item to be measured. Any desired variable can then be measured with great accuracy. But CT not only allows non-destructive measurement, it is also markedly faster than other methods. As a result, entire production series can be checked rather than just individual samples. With its powerful YXLON CT solutions, COMET offers exactly what the field of metrology has been missing, as Jonathan O'Hare expands upon: “The strategic partnership between the COMET Group and Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence follows a clear industrial logic – together, our two companies combine leading measurement software and powerful computed tomography into a new, innovative solution.” The duo is convinced that this unique combination of two industry leaders is the future of metrology.

Measurement ideal

3D close-up of a turbine blade cooling hole. The color code shows deviations from the design specs.

Strong together

“Comprehensive data and detailed analysis for the best in manufacturing intelligence – the combination of YXLON CT and Hexagon software makes the difference.”

Jonathan O'Hare, Global Program Manager for CT Systems, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence