Safe travel thanks to COMET x-ray solutions

The use of COMET x-ray solutions allows the through-put of security checks to be boosted significantly.

Crises and social tensions in our globalized world make security a growing and universal need. Some countries, like China, are setting new standards on this front: “China decided years ago to make all 'pressure points' in its infrastructure as secure as possible – everything from airports and train stations to shopping centers,” notes Stephan-Eirik Haferl, General Manager of Industrial X-Ray Technologies at the COMET Group. Today, security pre-cautions are in place everywhere in China. For the longest time, the security technology required for this was imported. But in recent years this has been rethought, and future demand is to be met by the domestic industry. At the same time, the regulatory requirements concerning security have grown steadily more stringent. While freight used to be inspected only on a sampling basis, the intent and regulations are moving toward 100% inspection. This means a sudden manifold increase in the volume of items to be checked. New, high-performance components and devices are needed to permit a significantly higher throughput than is possible with conventional inspection technology. “China is working in overdrive to replace its often aging systems with the latest generation of equipment,” explains Stephan-Eirik Haferl. “Through good business relationships cultivated over years, COMET is in an excellent position to further develop the Chinese market and act as the country's reliable partner for security technology.” With its x-ray components and sources, COMET offers customers the most attractive solutions on the market. Of course, the specialists at COMET are already working on the next generation of security innovations, with the consistent aim of making the world a safer place.

Stricter regulations

Cargo or carry-on – the trend toward more detailed and comprehensive inspection is rising.

More people flying

3.3 bln

The world's people take about 3.3 billion plane trips annually, and more fly every year. In 2034, the number of airline passengers is forecast to reach 7 billion.