Strategy 2020: Continuing profitable growth

The COMET Group intends to continue its strong growth. Its strategy focuses on new applications, on bringing the Group’s strengths together for maximum effect, and on working in close partnership with key accounts.

The COMET Group utilizes its high potential by leveraging fastgrowing trends: By 2020 it wants to reach sales of about CHF 500 million with an EBITDA margin of 16 –18% and aims to raise the value of the company.

Since 2012 the COMET Group has delivered steady, strong growth. Customer relationships were deepened and important development orders won, thus continually generating value-added. With the Strategy 2020, the COMET Group is now sharpening its focus. Building on the existing technologies and the pooling of its strengths, it plans to grow through new applications and by intensifying the collaboration with key customers. The planned growth levers and the improvements in operating efficiency require the strengthening of supply chains as well as additional investment. The Group believes it will nonetheless further increase its company value.

New applications and strong partnerships

Current technological and social trends such as 3D imaging and chip architectures, mobile computing, the Internet of Things (IoT) and the imperatives of security and sustainability create compelling growth opportunities for the COMET Group. With its core technologies of x-ray, radio frequency and ebeam, COMET is ideally equipped to benefit from these trends through new applications. The Group sees a second growth driver in the intensification and expansion of its collaborative partnerships with key accounts like Tetra Pak, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence and Bühler.

ebeam and radio frequency as main drivers

In the X-Ray Systems activities, metrology is the foremost new application, while in the X-Ray Modules business, an important growth opportunity is the scanning of hand luggage (carry-on) using new, more powerful technology. However, the Group's greatest growth in the period to 2020 is expected in the Plasma Control Technologies (PCT) and ebeam Technologies (EBT) businesses. PCT is superbly positioned as a strategic partner to its customers for the fabrication of 3D memory chips, new IoT applications and flexible displays. Its dependable, high-performance control modules allow replicable, rapid processes and thus higher throughputs.

The innovative “blue” ebeam technology, meanwhile, is increasingly perceived as an appealing alternative to conventional technologies. As the world's only vertically integrated powerhouse for low-energy ebeam, the COMET Group is optimally placed to use its direct market access to expand into new applications, such as surface treatments in the furniture, pressure-sensitive adhesive and plastic film markets. There is also high promise in the collaboration with well-known partners like food-processing machinery maker Bühler. The COMET Group thus believes it is ebeam that holds the greatest long-term potential.