The COMET Group

The COMET Group is a globally leading Swiss technology company with a focus on the x-ray, radio frequency and ebeam businesses. For more than 65 years, we have been developing and manufacturing innovative, high-tech components and systems.

With pioneering solutions, we support customers in a wide range of industries in improving and evolving their products and processes. As a result, we help bring greater safety and security, mobility, sustainability and efficiency to many areas of life. Our highperformance x-ray systems for materials testing and inspection make vehicles safer and airport security checks more reliable. Plasma control modules from COMET are important in the efficient fabrication of computer chips with ever higher storage capacity. And thanks to our innovative ebeam technology, manufacturers are saving onethird of production costs for the sterilization of packaging while also improving their energy balance.

With our leading-edge products under the COMET, YXLONand ebeam brands, we are always challenging the limits of the physically possible. Our highly skilled experts work closely with customers in Europe, the USA and Asia and with well-known research institutions worldwide. The resulting tailored solutions generate lasting value-added for our customers and partners.